Eternal Light 



If there is a psychological trauma of the potential ego, an escape from that reality is a dream. A dream regenerates one’s own body, mind, and memory. I can do anything in a dream, and I am the director, the protagonist, the dead one, and the teacher in the dream.

Repetitive phantom of the dream…Is the fear a reflection of or an appeal to my weakness?

 The worlds hung across the horizontal line’s space of light, which is spread infinitely in a dream, is human history, and is also an expression of one’s life that is neither beautiful nor grand. Separation, waiting, and tears. I close my eyes to the sadness of the emotions inside a human being’s essential ego, and I fall asleep while dreaming. I enter into a space where time and space exist, and where nobody exists at the end of the world. There is a girl, a soldier, a woman who got hurt, and a boy coming from an unknown time in the space. If light exists within the quadrangle landscape in the space, that light must be the voice that represents the ego.

 A faint memory of childhood gives me comfort in the space of light. Lost things and vanished traces torture me. A spray of sunset, the shade of a spindle-tree under the sun, and a song of stars heard in a cliff cave make me happy and paralyze me in the painful reality. The light. The light that I see in the distance as I pass through a path of darkness. The light that finally touches me in the hill of the labyrinth after staying alone in the forest for days. That is the comfort, consolation, and friends of my ego. I am laughing in the hill of light.

It is we or I who are living in different dreams and ideals in one space. Both have reality and unreality. A song of joy, anger, sorrow, and happiness happening in one space begins from the study of light, which everybody is looking at. The story of me that I see through fragments of memory seems like the story of us, namely, the story of this world. There is misfortune and hardship given to a person from one’s birth, and separation, rendezvous, and many stories in between all these. I find a connection to the reality of ethnicity.

 Through the story of me shown in the space of a dream, I am able to sympathize with our reality that is full of division, ideology, and an embarrassing past, like my story, and I cry at the stories. These expressions are the shapes of the lessons that I have learned from my experience and the agony in my life.

 Such expressions of agony create a new space, and let you experience a glimpse of the ecstasy that comes from heartbreaking trials.

Light is a key and a result of this ecstasy. Eternity also means finiteness.

The meaning of eternal light is the pursuit of new light, the comfort of an imperfect ego, and a fruit of the ideals that humans seek through the spiritual world of ego, which illustrates the reality, ideals, and dreams transcending time and space.

Aesthetic side

Rembrandt’s light focuses on emphasizing the subject more, showing temporality, and presenting how important light is in paintings. Light creates a form of space, tone, and darkness in this way. As natural light is important, we have created new civilizations by chasing primitive light. The direction and interpretation of light changes as the tools of light and its artistic expressions vary over time. Monet studied the continuity of light and left the best masterpiece of Impressionism in the 20th century. That is the Rouen Cathedral series. Monet expressed the change of light in one day, all differently, so that it shows how the subject changes its tone and color depending on the amount of sunshine and on the intensity of the light.


The light lives on inside the paintings in classical oil paintings in this way. Its artistic value cannot be compared to a color motion picture or color photos. The 21st century’s science has developed with light, and digital media has become a light for the world. In other words, the environment, nature, and now science have become the light of the era. The authenticity of paintings, a combination of the media, and the artist’s reinterpretation and convergence, makes a new form of media painting instead of leaving the media as a result of its time. If you look at Lucio Fontana’s work, you can see that he created a new “ism”, with the space and form of certain behaviors.

 Thus, the “isms” of all paintings, and moving paintings that are newly created by new media in analytic and insightful perspectives, a so-called combination of the digital and painting, is an alternative to new art and to the problems of both centuries. The answer to how to make a noble work by blending the boundary in terms of expressing the millennial brush stroke made by the primitive hand and its power is inside my work.

 I make a hole of light between the wall of the painting and the media. The light that shines through this hole travels through the canvas and the ink lines on the paper, and finally becomes a new media painting. I keep punching the holes inside and outside, and this highly labor-intensive repetitive and irregular punching creates a complete result of light. Therefore, it is a drawing of light. Countless punched holes shine like the light of stars, and distance exists in the painting just like cosmic space.

The size of the holes displays the brightness of light. Convergence is a way of complexity, showing each object with perfect definition and effectiveness, and my work also perceives a painting as an installation work in space rather than just a painting. A painting with the lights reincarnates in space via videos, instead of just being an effect on a screen.

Thus, it means the cohesion of media painting and videos, and it interprets a space with a new form of art in the post-genre era of cohesion.

 Hence, I put all the areas of the visual arts, such as painting, media, installation, and videos, into one space to make an amalgamation of them so that it might create an illusion so that the viewers themselves can become the object in that space.

Viewers restructure the work as participants by transcending their own realm as viewers.

 This work expresses the axis of aesthetic expression and the reinterpretation of space at the same time, via changes of light. Picasso’s simultaneity to Windows’ window and digital’s integral simultaneity is reproduced in a new perspective through the times and through the changes of the times.

 I express my opinions and definitions of the aesthetic expression in my work, creating qualified aesthetic analogies and the periodical moderation of combination and convergence by reviewing the history of human beings in a new perspective via the humanistic expression of light and by understanding the phenomenological light of media.




All humans contemplate deeply their own life and death. Humans agonize and play games between this reality and unreality.Light makes the value of existence both meaningful and futile in the course of those contemplations.

However, as humans, as imperfect beings, a look at infinite eternity shown through light can make humans become philosophical, even in front of death.In front of nature, with its infinite orbit that is untouchable and cannot be possessed, humans cannot help but adapt themselves to nature.

This space we are living in and feeling, namely, Different Dreams in the Same Place, makes the appreciation of the simultaneous movements of humans via lights possible, because this infinity is called the instrument of hope.